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Dr. Alexander Bartell, graduated from U.A.B.C. dental school in 1999 and has been privately practicing dentistry in the same location.  He practices prosthodontics exclusively, which is basically crowns and bridges only.  Second in command in our office, is Dra. Minerva Avalos.  Her main focus are extractions, cleanings, fillings and whitening.  Dra. Nairoby Contreras is our dental implant dentist and out of office associate of Dr. Alexander Bartell.  If cosmetic dentistry is what you are looking for, Dra. Hanamnel Ovalles is a dental artist who takes great pleasure in doing porcelain and composite veneers, also an associate of Dr. Alexander Bartell.  We also work with a large group of out of office associates which include dentists with specialty degrees: endodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons all located within minutes of Dr. Alexander Bartell’s main office.     

Dr. Alexander Bartell, your Tijuana dentist – Mexico dentists follows strict standards for sterilization of equipment as ordered by the American Dental Association. Any dental instrument that comes in contact with the patient is disinfected and sterilized
in an autoclave. Of course any dental material that is manufactured to be used only once, like needles and cartridges, are disposed of after single patient use. Our dental office also uses purified water for all related dental procedures. Healthy teeth are important for a variety of reasons, but the most important are eating and chewing. Aside from this, a smile is a great asset in term of self-confidence. It’s very gratifying to us when we see how a total dental makeover can change a person’s life forever. Rest assured that you will be given personal attention and time dedication directly by Dr. Alexander Bartell and associates, your Tijuana dentists.

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